Character Creation and Resources

I fooled you, I fooled you, I got pig iron, I got alllll pig iron!
-Leonard Nimoy in Civilization IV

I bet you thought we were gonna play Mage. Fuck that. Mage sucks. Now, Unknown Armies? Unknown Armies is the shit. It’s also dead simple. Skills and stats go from 0-100. If you roll under your rating, you succeed. If the numbers match, it’s a critical success (or failure). DONE. Also Madness Meters.

Character Creation: create characters as normal using the Street-level rules. When this is done, add an additional 30-point skill to Soul. This skill will be your Weird Shit. It should encompass the themes where your spheres met; Liam’s is Metamagic. Your Weakness is likely best represented as your Fear Impulse. In addition, all characters start with 2 Hardened and Failed notches in Unnatural. Note that your characters are not traditional adepts, and thus do not require obsessions/world views associated with their Weird Shit skill, though this is possible.

Feel free to alter your characters or themes as you see fit, nothing is set in stone. I don’t plan on using the standard schools/archetypes, but if one catches your fancy it can be worked in. And it takes place in New York City. Welcome to the Big Apple.

Character Creation and Resources

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